What is ShowSourcing?

ShowSourcing’s mission is to help sourcing teams find and develop great products faster. To achieve this we have developed a four step approach:  Collect, Centralise, Collaborate, and Automate Collect: Use […]

Can I use ShowSourcing for free?

Yes, you can enjoy a limited access to our tools. For more info on our pricing plans and the detail of our free offer, please visit our pricing page:

Can I use ShowSourcing offline?

There is no need to be connected to the internet to use Showsourcing.   Your data will save to your system, and as soon as you are able to re-connect […]

Who is ShowSourcing for?

ShowSourcing is the ideal tool to buy & develop products at speed. Our suite of tools will particularly fit: Buyers Product Managers QC Design Marketing Merchandising Logistics