What is the purpose of ShowSourcing?

ShowSourcing’s mission is to help sourcing teams purchase/develop great products faster. To achieve this we developed a 3 pillar approach: Collecting information: Our mobile App is the buyers best friend when it comes to navigate trade shows Optimising processes: Our native synchronisation combined with state of the art workflows & task management tools allow sourcing […]

Can I use ShowSourcing for free?

Yes, you can enjoy a limited access to our tools. For more info on our pricing plans and the detail of our free offer, please visit our pricing page:

For who is ShowSourcing for?

Buyers, merchandisers, sourcing teams, designers, QC. With it’s new collaborative tool, ShowSourcing aims at involving all stakeholders in one central environment. Industries and sectors: Toys Furniture Kitchen Home Decoration Christmas Gifts Garden Electronics Consumables …