Getting Started

Inviting people to my team or project.

Invite your team: You can invite as many people as you wish in one sourcing team. Only the team leader will be able to add/invite people to the team. You can invite people that do not have an account yet on ShowSourcing by entering their email. Once invited, your future team members will receive an […]

How to find a specific product or supplier?

There is a search field on every screen of the Web App. Simply type in text (category, event, product name or a part of the description and we will find you the most relevant products)

How can I access the web app?

You can access the Web App directly from the following url: or from our website, by clicking on Login on the top right corner of your screen.

How can I invite my team members?

One of ShowSourcing’s key strengths is the ability to build in collaboration with your team a shared list of sourced products. This feature will make your team more efficient than ever, making sure all information about products are easily accessible between larger teams and/or different offices. You can invite as many people as you wish […]

How can I create my ShowSourcing account?

You have two options to create your account: Once the App is downloaded, open the App and sign up using your company email. Sign up directly on the web via this link You will then receive an email with a confirmation link. Click it and you’re good to go!

How can I install the app?

ShowSourcing is available on both iPhone and Android and is free to download. Please follow these links to Download on iOS Download on Android

Do I need to be online to use the App?

The App can be used worldwide, in online or offline mode. Indeed, we know it’s often difficult to have a reliable continuous wifi or network connection during fairs so we have made it possible for you to collect products offline and synchronise your products in your team’s account afterwards on WiFi.