Can I add a product to more than one project?

Yes, of course this is possible. You can add a single product to as many projects as you want. To add a product to one or more projects there are two options. The first option is to go to the product sheet. On the left hand side, when scrolling down, you will find the project […]

What is the difference between a new product and an inspiration?

When adding a new product from the app you have the option to choose to create a « new product » or a « product inspiration ». A NEW PRODUCT is a proper product you add to your database with a complete product sheet. Normally you know the name of the supplier of the product and consequently you can […]

What is a product status?

There will be a product status assigned to each product in your database. A status can be considered as a lifecycle stage of a product during the sourcing process. There are six different statuses: « Inspiration », « New Product », « Get Quotation », « Team Review », « Validated » or « Refused ». Each product will enter the database as a « New Product » unless […]

Can I assign a product to more than one supplier?

No, this is not possible. A product can only be linked to one single supplier. If you want to have the same product linked to two or more suppliers you will have to create a new product sheet (Add Product) for every supplier you want to link it two Another option is to have only […]

Can I add or delete pictures to product sheets?

Yes, off course this is possible. To ADD a picture to a product you go to the product sheet and right below the product picture you will see the button « Add Picture ». By clicking this button you will be able to upload extra product pictures from your desktop. You can add as many pictures to […]

What is a team rating?

A team rating is the score  your team has given to a product by liking (thumbs up) or disliking (thumbs down) it. You can see the team rating on a product sheet on the left hand side below the product picture. You can send out a request to your team both from the app and […]

Can I customize the fields on my product and supplier sheets?

If you signed up for the PRO package it is possible to customize, add and delete fields on your product and supplier sheets. This feature will help you to capture all relevant product and supplier information and get rid of empty fields that you don’t use so your sheets look neat and clean. Customization of […]

Can I customise my product sheets?

Yes, you can customise your product sheets according to your needs. Please send us an email at for more info. You will soon have a self service portal to customise your ShowSourcing environment.

Is Benchmarking products/suppliers possible?

Yes, users can easily make smarter decisions by benchmarking selected products and suppliers. In the near future, we will provide you with a specific benchmarking tool. Stay tuned…