Launch FAQ

How can I change team in the new mobile App?

It’s easy, just log-out and then log-in again, you will then be directed to the team selector. Oh and no worry, an update is coming shortly to allow you switching teams without logging out.

Will my product database be transferred in the new App?

Yes, You won’t have to do anything, all product and suppliers informations, pictures etc… will be automatically transferred in the new system. Expect a downtime however during the period 3-4 February. We expect the services to be fully functional again as from the 5th of February.

I have issues syncing my data, what can I do?

Syncing your data before the App launch is crucial. This is the reason why we communicate you well in advance the launch of the new App. If for some reasons, you experience issues syncing the data on the old version of the App, please send us an email immediately on

Do I need to Sync my Data before updating the App?

Yes, absolutely. If you update the App without having fully synced your data, you risk losing parts of it. To sync your data, just launch a Sync from your phone (leave the App open until the phone is fully synced) If you have trouve syncing your data on the old version of the App, please […]