Can I assign a product to more than one supplier?

No, this is not possible. A product can only be linked to one single supplier. If you want to have the same product linked to two or more suppliers you will have to create a new product sheet (Add Product) for every supplier you want to link it two Another option is to have only […]

Can I customize the fields on my product and supplier sheets?

If you signed up for the PRO package it is possible to customize, add and delete fields on your product and supplier sheets. This feature will help you to capture all relevant product and supplier information and get rid of empty fields that you don’t use so your sheets look neat and clean. Customization of […]

Is Benchmarking products/suppliers possible?

Yes, users can easily make smarter decisions by benchmarking selected products and suppliers. In the near future, we will provide you with a specific benchmarking tool. Stay tuned…

How to add a supplier sheet?

On the web You can add a new supplier from the Suppliers screen, by clicking on Add Supplier on the top left of the screen, under the menu bar. A pop up will ask you the name of your new supplier, type it in and click on Create. A new supplier sheet will then open, […]

How to find a specific product or supplier?

There is a search field on every screen of the Web App. Simply type in text (category, event, product name or a part of the description and we will find you the most relevant products)