Getting Started On The Web

How to create a project

There are a few simple ways to get started with projects. From the projects screen 1) Click on the “projects” tab in the menubar.  2) Click on the “Add Project” […]

How to manage samples

Samples are incredibly important, but you don’t want them to fall through the cracks with all the products you’re juggling. Use the sample manager to keep things in line with […]

How to use tasks

Tasks can really help your team stay focussed and moving forward. Here’s how to use them. 1) Click on the “Workspace” tab in the menubar. 2) Click on the button […]

How to use workflows

Workflows are a great way to visually understand the status of your products, and is just as easy to update. Just go through these steps: 1) Click on the “Workspace” […]

How to add a supplier contact

Adding contacts to your supplier is easy.  Starting from the suppliers screen, just follow these steps: 1) Click on the supplier you’re interested in. 2) Scroll to the bottom of […]