March updates and bug fixes are live! Find out more here.

We’ve been working hard this March to fix some bugs get a bunch of new updates out.

First, find out about the bugs we fixed.  Let us know if you see any others by emailing us here.  Check out the bug fixes below:

    • The app now displays the correct team members
    • Added icon to Android app
    • Fixed the unstable connection display on all screens
    • When clicking on clear, the pickers are no longer closed but content is removed
    • Fixed crashes when products are deleted
    • Fixed 10 possible bugs leading to crashes

And now for the new features!  We’ve listened to your top requested updates, and this is what we’ve produced (so far):

    • Projects can now be added to products
    • Events can now be added to products
    • Events are automatically added to products when connected at a fair
    • Custom fields are available
    • Pictures are now saved in the gallery
    • Drawings are now saved in a separated picture in order to keep the original image clean
    • The email address is kept when logging-off so only password is needed at next login

There are some specific updates for the web app.  Find out about those here:

    • New Bar when selecting multiple products
    • Big “Like” Button
    • Big “Change Status” Button
    • Big “Add to Project” Button
    • Big “Export” Button
    • Big “Compare” Button
    • Improved loading, especially on slow connections
    • Improved module preloading to avoid ‘lags’ in the app

We’re really excited about these updates!  And we’re looking forward to give you even more great tools to boost your sourcing processes in the near future.  Tell us what you think!  Just leave a comment below.